Whatever your sexual orientation or gender identity there are many ways to express healthy adult sexuality. 

Maybe you are tentatively starting to explore some kinky fantasies. Kinky and BDSM fantasies and behaviors take many forms. For some people kinky sex may be as simple as having a slight leather fetish – being turned on a bit by the presence of leather.  For others kinky sex may involve a core sexual identity and complex lifestyle.

Eventually you may decide to make kinky fantasies real and an ongoing part of your erotic life, or perhaps you will decide they are not right for you. Psychotherapy should provide a safe space and give you the support you need so that you can sort out exactly what is right for you.

Perhaps you have figured out what you enjoy sexually, but have trouble figuring out how to integrate your sexuality into a caring and loving relationship. Integrating the nuances of kink , fetishes, and power-exchange with loving intimacy can be a challenge. Working with a kink friendly therapist can be helpful for these issues.

Or perhaps you want to work on issues which are not at all related to BDSM. You feel your kink has little to do with the issues that are bothering you, and you just want to work with someone you feel comfortable with. You want to be confident your psychotherapist will focus on your issues of concern and not your sexuality or gender.

Some persons find their fulfillment in polyamory, or polyamorous relationships.  Polyamory may or may not include kinky sex – typically it does not include BDSM.  Either way, kink friendly therapists are usually well versed with polyamory.

Kink friendly therapy or BDSM friendly therapy: whatever you call it, it’s the same thing. Kink friendly therapy means your psychotherapist is open and supportive of your BDSM lifestyle.

You deserve a knowledgeable, experienced, compassionate and skilled professional psychotherapist.

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